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Above are a couple of characters I love to animate! Check out my YouTube channel to see more of them! 

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As a punishment for their crimes, the main character has been sentenced to work at a void diner for the next 100 years.
Banishment Burgers is an establishment run by criminals who are all secretly working together to figure a way out of this hell hole. The establishment is abundant in employees who have spent years wasting away. Watch out for the ones hiding in the endless walk in freezer. The building has many exits, none of which work for the employees. To step outside is to enter into an eternal void. Unless you've been doing your job however, then they may let you go out for deliveries. For customers however, the joint is easily accessible through the universal remote which allows for teleportation.


As much as I love animation, I also love comics and illustration!


My sister and I are currently writing a story that we will post to webtoon in the coming years! The story will follow a couple of characters that we've been developing since 2017. We've got a ton of cool ideas and we can't wait to show you! 

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